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Cairns' best distilleries may come from a small coastal city, but they pack a big punch on the international gin and spirits scene, picking up multiple awards for excellence. If you want to see what the fuss about, meet the makers, catch up for a gin chat and sample some fabulous, locally made spirits, then you need to come on tour with us. We mix it up offering two tours, a 5.5 hour Cairns Brewery and Distillery Tour and a 3.5 hour Cairns Walking Brewery Tours, both of which take you to some of the region’s best craft beer breweries and first class distilleries. We’re passionate about the quality of spirits and beers being made up here, and know you will find some new favourite tipples in your travels. During the tour you’ll learn what and how Cairns best distilleries harness the produce of this tropical destination, to produce unique spirits, liquors and gins. We’ll take you down hidden laneways, into the 'burbs, on to farms and across the city on a distillery tour of discovery. You won’t need a map, car or driver, we’ve got you covered - all you need to do is relax and enjoy the beverages. So, who are Cairns’ best distilleries? It’s hard to pick any one favourite, but here’s a list of our top four Cairns best breweries (in no particular order).

Wolf Lane Distillery ~ a Taste Of The Tropics, Gins And Liquors

Wolf Lane Distillery is a micro-distillery in the heart of Cairns, but there’s nothing micro about their range, distilling expertise and commitment to excellence and quality. Tucked away in one of Cairns’ hidden laneways, inside what used to be a horse stable, the owners established the city’s very first gin distillery in 2019. It’s here the magic happens, when the team assembles a collection of tropical botanicals and ingredients – including Davidson’s Plums, finger limes, oranges, mangos and grapefruits – steep it, distill it and then bottle it, creating a range of premium gins. Their three main lines of gin have all won multiple awards and include a Tropical Gin, Navy Strength Gin and Wolf Lane Davidson’s Plum Gin. We love the vibe, the flavour and the cocktails which is why Wolf Lane is on our list of Cairns’ best distilleries.

Cairns Best Distilleries

Narrow Tracks Distilling ~ Sunshine, Moonshine and Tropical Gins

The next one on our list of Cairns’ best distilleries is Narrow Tracks Distilling. A craft distillery which is firmly grounded in the pursuit of celebrating local produce, including sugar cane, to create a first class line of gin and moonshine. Owned and operated by dynamic duo Bec and Doug, Narrow Tracks Distilling is located in the suburb of Stratford and create their exclusive range in an on-site column still. They hand craft their gin and moonshine using a cane spirit base and mixing it with a blend of locally grown fruits and botanicals, which includes but is not limited to, finger limes, lemon aspen, orange and lime. The result is a tropical taste sensation and despite only starting Narrow Tracks Distilling in 2021, the team have already picked up double gold at the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition for their Dog Days small batch gin. A fresh, citrus forward gin perfect for summer days in Cairns - taste it for yourself on our Cairns Brewery and Distillery Tour .

Cairns Best Distilleries, Cairns Brewery Tours

FNQ Spirits ~ Croc Piss - Legendary Name, Legendary Drinks

No list of Cairns’ best distilleries would be complete without FNQ Spirits, proud producers of the legendary Croc Piss. What is it you ask? Well, Croc Piss started out with two rum inspired spirits – Original and Clear – but has since expanded the range to include Vodka and some liquors, including Limoncello. Their products are created at a craft distillery located on Sheridan Street, which is pretty easy to identify thanks to their unmistakable crocodile logo. Locally owned and operated, FNQ Spirits embraces the ‘true blue’ approach in their production and brand positioning, which is authentic and perfectly suited to our unique destination. Their creations in their own words - ‘Local products ensure that every mouthful has the essence of the Daintree Rainforest, a hint of the Great Barrier Reef, flavour of a tropical paradise, and has been infused with the great Aussie spirit.’ Yep – we love that spirit (and their spirits) and they are on our list of Cairns’ best distilleries. Visit them on our Cairns Brewery and Distillery Tour .

Cairns Best Distilleries

Mt Uncle Distillery ~ Enjoy Their Premium Spirits and Liquors

Mt Uncle Distillery is definitely one of Cairns’ best distilleries and has notched up many, many awards since starting in 2001. This one is based on the Tablelands, with the closest town being Mareeba, so we don’t visit it on our Cairns Brewery and Distillery Tour , or our Cairns Walking Brewery Tours, but it is included in our Cairns Tablelands Food and Drink Tour. Located on a private property, home to a diverse array of local and exotic animals, and producer of a range of fruits and botanicals, Mt Uncle Distillery is a destination in itself. Passionate about caring for the land and valuing quality, local ingredients, their care of craft is reflected in the brightness and depth of flavour in their spirits and liquors. This quality places them firmly on our list of Cairns’ best distilleries.

That’s Our Guide To Cairns’ Best DISTILLEries – Come See Them With Us

Cheers to that! All of this reading must have you thinking, it’s time to book yourself in for one our distillery and brewery tours. We’ll take you to some of Cairns’ best distilleries, where you’ll sample their spirits and liquors, meet the makers and enjoy the company of like-minded people. Best of all, there’s gins and cocktails all round, not to mention some seriously impressive craft beers – what a great way to spend a few quality hours on your holiday. Locals love it too. When you tour Cairns best distilleries with us, you are supporting local business and local people, have a guaranteed driver and partake in an epic adventure in the tropics. Cheers to that.