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Cairns Brewery Tours

Beers, Breweries and Historical Pubs in Far North Queensland.

Welcome to an enjoyable, fun and educational afternoon showcasing you the best of Cairns’ local micro-breweries, producing award winning craft beers.

Experience the local craft breweries, taste the beers, hear the stories of the brewers’ and make new friends in the process.

Enjoy Cairns’ first and original Cairns Brewery Tour. Spend an afternoon discovering Cairns’ breweries and historical pubs with us … and enjoy a few amazing beers while you are at it. Our meeting point is at The Grand Hotel, one of Cairns oldest and “True Blue” Aussie pubs.

After getting to know your fellow Beer Lovers, a paddle taster and a bit of trivia, we then head off to 3 of Cairns Micro Breweries to taste some of the unique locally produced beers this region has to offer.

Cairns Brewery Tours

Cairns Brewery Tours

$ 150
  • Starts at 13:30 - Ends approx. 18:00
  • Tours run Thursday / Friday / Saturday / Sunday
  • Groups, private tours and special events on request
  • Tours run subject to min. 4 persons


  • Visit to one pub and three breweries
  • Pub lunch at The Grand Hotel
  • Brewery tour at one of the breweries
  • Tasting beer paddles at each location (12 unique tasters)
  • Transport
  • Dedicated, knowledgeable local guideCairns Brewery ToursSometimes unexpected things happen, the beers aren’t cold enough or one of the brewers happens to have a day off, so the above itinerary is subject to change. Should this be the case all effort will be made to suggest a suitable alternative.

The Grand Hotel

Cairns Brewery Tours starts at one of Cairns’ original pubs. Founded in 1926 the Grand Hotel is one of the oldest pubs in Cairns and has seen everything in its day. This family owned and operated business is a favourite amongst locals and with its central location is the perfect place to kick off our afternoon. After meeting your dedicated beer and brewery guide and a short briefing you will be introduced to some of Australia’s classic golden beverages by the staff. Enjoy a tasting paddle of a selection of three classic Aussie beers, while having lunch, listen to some fun facts about the pub and take a photo next to the croc themed bar.

Cairns Brewery Tours
Cairns Brewery Tours

Macalister’s Brewery

Our first stop is Macalister’s brewery located about 20 minutes out of town. Here it’s all about the story – teacher becomes beer brewer. This micro brewery, established in 2017 has a story similar to Breaking Bad… with the exception of the illegal part.

Meet Rob – chemistry teacher turns brewer, simply because of the love for beer. While you enjoy some of Macalister’s best brews we will let the founder and brewer Rob tell you his story as well as talk about his preservative free, unpasteurised, fresh Craft beers. Enjoy the tasting paddle and the views at Macalister’s.

Barrier Reef Brewing

Barrier Reef Brewing – another brewery, another unique story! Barrier Reef Brewing started, again, for the love of beer. The founder, Cameron, was previously a vet and conservationist. After leaving Cairns to live in Scotland with his wife he acquired a taste for ales and began messing around with his own brews. Fast forward a few years and Cameron is back in Cairns and has established his own micro brewery – Barrier Reef Brewing. Barrier Reef Brewing offers a selection of four beers. Their products are made from all natural products, with nothing artificial in the beers. The love for animals still exists and the brewery supports local animal charities such as the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre. It’s great know that while you drink their beers you are supporting the conservation of sea turtles.

Cairns Brewery Tours
Cairns Brewery Tours

Hemingways Brewery

We finish off the afternoon at Cairns’ biggest brewery. With its spectacular setting along Cairns’ waterfront you will enjoy a tasting paddle of Hemmingways’ wide selection of craft beers. Hemmingways Brewery was started by two friends in Port Douglas, before opening its second location in Cairns. Their mission is simple – creating amazing, innovative beers and supporting the local community. We will let you enjoy the brews and hear your opinions about Hemmingways’ award winning beers.

Our beer adventure concludes here…but that should not stop you from reminiscing about the afternoon and enjoying a pint or two with your new friends.

Cairns Brewery Tours

Cairns Brewery Tours started with a passion for extraordinary craft beer, unique travel experiences and supporting local businesses – with that their passions and dreams.

Our brewery and pub tour was started by two local Cairns lads, running their own respective tour companies. It is our goal to connect people with and share the local tastes of Far North Queensland’s unique craft beers along with the unique stories behind them.

With years of experience in the tourism industry we know how to run fun tours and events. It is our mission to showcase the best Far North Queensland has to offer – in this case amazing beers and locally owned and operated breweries.

We are Cairns locals and we are looking forward to connecting you with the people producing the goods you are eager to consume.

Our aim is all about bringing like-minded people together, sharing stories, talking a bit of history and having lots of laughs.

Cairns Brewery Tours

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